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Examinare Survey Tool API using XML

Red fields are required and must have a value. XML-data is sent using HTTPS as POST-data.
In the beginning of this document there is a summary of the available functions. This is followed by a more detailed part.

URL for all functions are
To connect you need to add three commands to the POST data:

apiKey – This is provided by Examinare in your account.
apiCompany – The company database to be used.
Command – The command you provide for the call.
Please note: More commands may be needed by the function you call.

From 14 of March 2012 you can now use our Mobile API function setPhoneID to create new apiKey from the API if you activate the Mobile tokens in your Examinare configuration profile.

List of Commands available:

Commands connected to Recipients
addRecipient – Add recipient to the company database. Returns an ID.
delRecipient – Deletes a recipient in the company database.
updateRecipient – Updates the information connected to a single recipient.
updateGenitalsRecipient – Update the genital information connected to a single recipient.
listRecipients – List all recipients in your Examinare database.
listRecipientByContactID – List information of a single recipient.

Commands connected to Surveys
listSurveys – List all Surveys and status of them.
listRecipientsToSurvey – List all recipients links and status of the invitations being sent from Examinare.
fetchResults – Fetch the results from the Survey without background data filtering.
fetchResultsByUser – Fetch the results from the Survey with background data filtering.
fetchResultsByInfoReg – Fetch the results from the Survey with transaction ID.
markRecipientsToSurvey – Mark recipients as invited to a single Survey in Examinare status log.
questionsInSurveys – Fetch all questions from a Survey.
sendSurvey – Send email invitations to recipients.

Mobile API function calls
setPhoneID – Create mobile token for use as a apiKey in mobile applications.

Magic Polls function calls
fetchMagicPollSummary – Get statistics of Magic Polls and individual answers of a single Magic Poll.

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